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The Amazing Science of Mother’s Milk

6 Chapters

Chapters Include:
1. Pregnancy: Your breast milk starts here
2. Birth and the first few hours
3. Breastfeeding in the first few days
4. The first month: Building your milk supply
5. One to six months: Mature milk
6. Breastfeeding at six months and beyond

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Topics To Explore

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Benefits of Breastfeeding

11 Articles

Topics Include:
Importance of breastfeeding,
breastfeeding benefits for mums & babies
and breastfeeding facts and myths

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Get Started On Breastfeeding & Tips

33 Articles

Topics Include:
Challenges on breastfeeding,
getting the right breastfeeding positions
and creating a birth plan

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Common Issues & Solutions

10 Articles

Topics Include:
Dealing with sore nipples,
latching difficulties
and maintaining a constant milk supply

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The Breastfeeding Journey & Parenting Tips

38 Articles

Topics Include:
Getting closer to your newborn baby,
dealing with parenthood
and survival guide for new dads

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Watch & Learn !

7 Videos

Videos Include:
Long term benefits of breastfeeding,
benefits of double pumping
and medela breast pump technology

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